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My background

Hi, thanks for visiting my website!. My name is Barbara Perez, I was born in Venezuela, I am a cook, nutritional coach, functional medicine specialist and a  dentist specialized in stomatology of the child and adolescent.

My roots

I have Italian roots from my maternal grandparents, whom have taught  me the love for cooking and good food. I used to hide under the table when my Nonna made gnocchi and I ate them raw when I was a little girl. I owe everything I know in the kitchen to her and my mom, both Italians. 

My philosophy

I am not 100% Organic, but I support natural cuisine made "from scratch", I avoid anything containing preservatives and artificial ingredients  following the "back to the kitchen of our ancestors" philosophy. I believe the nutritional regimens must be established according  to biotype and metabolism of each individual.

I  exercise to feel healthy and promote the right skeletal development process, maintaining muscular tone, Promote a healthy heart and to maintain low stress level. (Besides burning those cravings I ate in the week). I can not imagine life without exercise and  Physical Activity.

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Why Paleo?

Our problem and solution

This concept of healthy cooking took more importance in our lives about  12 years ago when  my  husband developed an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis, that caused him lower back pain when sleeping. After visiting many doctors and doing a lot of  research, we found out that avoiding starches in his diet would make the pain go away. This is a type of autoimmune desease like many others that many people suffer from without even knowing it and they are all related with what we eat.
My passion for  culinary arts was not enough so I had to develop a lot of creativity and  testing since most of the meals we know in the modern kitchen have "starches". Fortunately for us, we heard about a diet named "Paleolithic Diet", which is based on vegetables, healthy fats and protein consumption (Animal and Plants) and the avoidance of "bad" carbohydrates, processed food, preservatives and refined sugars. This Paleolithic cuisine gave me an extensive menu of recipes using almond, coconut, tapioca, among other healthy flours; We soon found out that this type of cuisine not only helped my husband condition but also prevented getting diseases like arthritis, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, obesity among many others.
These are the fundamentals for this new cuisine concept we have called "Barbarella".

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